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I am locked out and need to reset it to factory defaults.
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Hi. Do the following with your phone turned off (or in off mode)

1. Press and hold both the Vol down button and the Camera button

2. Press and hold the power button (while the Vol down and Camera buttons are still held down)

3. Release the power button when the phone vibrate (but continue holding the other two)

4. Release them after the device has reboot and the reset should be complete.
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You can also reset the Nokia Lumia 520 by:

1. Power off your phone preferably by removing the battery and re-installing it again

2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and connect your charger or USB cable (while the Volume Down button is held down) - in about 8 seconds, you should get and exclamation mark (!). After getting this exclamation mark, quickly press the following keys in order

Volume Up button
Volume Down button
Power button
Volume Down button

The process then begins with gears displayed on the screen. All completes in about 15 to 20 minutes.

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