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How to flash ROM image files onto the MTN Steppa 2 (5982C3)

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The MTN Steppa 2 (5382C3) is know for its sad tendency of suddenly hanging on the logo. A software condition that does not get corrected even though data is wiped via recovery mode. Something which indicates that this dreaded issue likely originates from a non-UserData partition. The partitions likely to cause this are: Splash, Boot and/or System. Now we have taken a backup of the MTN Steppa 2 which can only be flashed through Fastboot (the brother of ADB). And we have presented the steps to be taken to flash the ROM image files in the answer section below.

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  1. Order, download and extract the ROM [here]
  2. Download and install this ADB/Fastboot tool (just type Y followed by enter until you get 'All done'
  3. Download and install the Driver here (32 or 64 bits)
  4. While the phone is off, pressing Vol- and the Power key at the same time until you see the Powered by Android screen (Which will be the Fastboot mode).
  5. Connect it to the PC > ADB Booloader Interface driver should install and complete
  6. Open the extracted ROM/System file folder > copy the 'system.img' file > navigate to your C: drive and you will see a folder named 'adb' > open it and paste that 'system' file
  7. Place you cursor in the white area of the folder > hold the Shift key and right-click > on the right click menu > click; Open command window here
  8. Type: fastboot
  9. Then click Enter
  10. Type: fastboot devices
  11. Click Enter > you should see: 8888888 fastboot
  12. Type: fastboot flash system system.img
  13. And click Enter
  14. It should be done in about a minute of two> then disconnect the phone > Remove and install the battery > boot into recovery > wipe data via recovery > reboot and then wait and observer

We can flash the device for you remotely for a fee if you prefer - let us know here:

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i successful installed the rom but i lost imei help me plz