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CP Crash Upload Mode

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Android 2.3.5 Samsung device will display "CP Crash Upload Mode load". What is that and how do I avoid it.

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Hi. I got this crash message only when I would have a certain carrier SIM (CellC RSA in particular) installed onto My Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360). This carrier being still quite small and at the same time tryiny to secure as much subscribers as possible, means its few and yet being populated network towers are left to be only faught for at time particularly for the 3G connection speed. It then appears that the device ends up overwhelmed at times during this network speed fight. What you can do is to either switch to Edge [E] or try a different carrier SIM if higher speed connection is imperative.

Edit: Update to Gingerbread 2.3.6 and have yet  to see the error ever since :)

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