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How do I uninstall or repair my Internet Explorer browser?

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My Internet Explorer browser is failing to process a webpage from this one site. I found that Chrome can process it just fine. What is surprising is that IE has processed the same just fine in the past and this issue started out this other day where the computer froze up and I had to force-stop it using the power button (holding it until it powered off). How do I repair or uninstall it? Thanks

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Hi. Uninstall Internet Explorer thus:

Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > View Installed Upfates (around the top left corner) > left-click on Internet Explorer and click Uninstall/change > follow the prompting to complete the uninstallition. Re-update it when done and you should be good.
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It is due to  browser settings problem or your internet connection problem . To check your internet speed, use Do you want to increase your browser speed  , use the following steps : 
    Uninstall toolbars
    Disable toolbars and extensions directly from your browser
    Clear browsing cache and cookies
    Reset your browser settings

If you want to uninstall internet explorer, do it and re-install it properly .