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I tried disabling automatic updates with no improvements. I also uninstalled it and reinstalled it using custom settings, leaving out the "Maintenance Manager" but the issue persisted. When on 3G, It seems I can loose a megabyte every 10 seconds - this is considerably as I use prepaid mobile wireless data service which can be really expensive.
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On what operating system?
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I am running Windows 7 Home Basic (32 bit)
Hi. Those should be updates - stop it from doing so by doing the following:
1. Go to Local Disk: C or which ever one that has your Operating System files
2. Go to Programe Files
3. Go to Mozilla Firefox
4. Modify/rename the 'Application' file called 'Updater' (rename it to whatever name you may like - enter the Admin password if necessary)
5. Modify/rename the 'text' file called Update-Settings (rename this as you please aswell and save as prompted - enter the Admin password if necessary)
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