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How to hard reset the Huawei Y300

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Hi. To hard reset your Huawei Y300

1. Turn the phone off, and pull the battery out and reinsert after a couple of seconds

2. Press and hold both the Volume Up key and the Power key at the same time - continue holding until a recovery menu displays.

3. Scroll with Volume Down key and highlight Wipe data/factory reset

4. Select or confirm with the Power button or the Vol Up button

5. Scroll to Yes - wipe all user data

6. Corfim with the Power button or the Volume Up

7. Confirm 'Reboot Now"

The Huawei Y300 should be reset now.
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Why do you want to reset your Huawei  y300 ? Did you enter wrong unlock codes  too many times in your Huawei ? If so, no need to hard rest your  huawei . You can just get Huawei unlock reset service from  the provider   to reset your  Huawei