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How to hard reset the Samsung Samsung SCH-S738C (Galaxy Centura)?

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Locked out by the forgotten pattern combination - any factory reset procedure?

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Hi. Do the following to try and reset your Samsung Galaxy Centura (SCH-738C)

1. Press and hold the Volume Up together with the Power button at the same time
2. Release the Power button after one second but keep the Vol Up button held down until the Recovery Menu is displayed in blue
3. Scroll down using the Volume down button and highlight "Wipe data/ factory reset" - and select or confirm with the Power button.
4. Scroll to "Yes - wipe all user data" and select or confirm with the Power button.
5. With the Reboot now option highlighted, select or confirm with the Power button to restart the Galaxy Centura

After that the Centura S738cshould be reset to factory default requiring to be re-setup.
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when i hold the three buttons down for awhile nothing happens except that it buzzes the longer hold them but when i let go it stops and turns back on
2 and does the phone have to be off or can it be on while you are doing it?
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I am getting the exact same issue as Jacob. The phone just vibrates and just restarts as usual with the "too many attempts" screen.
asked May 31, 2015 in Samsung by anonymous Same problem
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Please see the alternative here - Never mind the Chrome Selfie model.