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Do I need an email address - How do I open one if I need it?

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Hi. Yes you do need a email address and that for the following reasons

  • Email addresses are used much in academic, corporate and busieness corespondences/ communication.
  • An email address is almost a central requirment in creaing online accounts (like social media accounts).
  • You need and email address to properly setup your Android device,Windows, Blackberry and Apple smartphone (like your Samsung Galaxy, Alcatel One Touch, LG Optimus, MTN Steppa, Huawei Ascend, etc.
  • Multimedia Media files like music, pictures, videos and other files can be sent between email account much cheaper than the mobile Multimedia Media Services (MMS)
  • It can be opened for free! - and then in less that 10 minutes.

How to get one? You can Open an Email account (and obtain an email address) in the following way.

  1. Go to 
  2. Complete and submit the short form there


  • under 'Choose your username" use the following format: youename.yoursurname or yoursurname.yourname - your email address will then be like
  • Under password, use your cell number (it will be weak but easy to remember and you can change it at any time)
  • Under 'phone number' you can use the same cell number you used as your password (if you choose to use it as suggested above)
  • Under 'Prove you are not a robot' look at the distorted letters or degits and try and type them into the provided field just as they are (this only test your ability to recognise... and is used to prove that you are not a programed robot which would not be able to recognize)

Click "Next" as soon as all fields are filled and you should be done

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