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Getting a Flexible, Short-Term Loan from in South Africa

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How can I get a short term loan from Wonga online?

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It is not uncommon for a working man or woman to find him/herself pressed under a relatively small but almost immediate financial need to attend to  certain unforeseen expenses  while the month end still lies a great while ahead or away. You try to call or text family and friends only to find that none is in a position to help. Well at times, though with hope to obtain financial assistance from a certain friend or family member, you find you just wish you could obtain the funds without having to possibly inconvenience anyone (including yourself) as borrowing from friends or family members normally steers up nervousness. The thought of a "loan shark" can be uncomfortable on the other hand given their sad collateral/security measures and exorbitant interest rates. Having said all that, you find it is best to obtain a short term loan straight from an authorized credit financial credit provider like ( and Interest & fees, being flexible, will let you have any amount between R100 and R2500 in short-term credit or loan. This loan should be repaid together with interest & fees in a maximum period of 30 days. Yes, with Wonga  you can repay the loan much earlier than 30 days and obtain interest & fees discount if you wish (though the discount can be insignificant if you are taking a R100 or a little above that). will let you repay the loan as early as 24 hours from the time of approval - the cost of borrowing (interest & fees) can be relatively high with that  period option. Yes, this means that's interest & fees percentage works in regression order. The smaller amount you borrow, the greater percentage you will pay in interest and fees and vice versa. For example, I took R202 for my brother to be repaid in 30 days and we incurred a total of R106.02 in interest & fees – adding up to 52.49% in interest & fees. However if, for example, R999 is borrowed for the same period, only R288.33 will be incurred in interest & fees – adding up to 28.86%
Process is completely web-based (carried-out entirely online) 
One other convenient factor with the Wonga loans it that the process from applying to getting approved and receiving the funds into your account is entirely web-based with no documents required and you can Wonga from either a mobile phone or computer browser. There nothing good-feeling about applying for a personal back loan, be told to report to one of their branches and get there only to find you do not qualify and have to journey back home.  Like all other authorized credit providers does, will check your credit worthiness - its only that it is done online and that almost instant. As with their slogan "Fast little loans", it takes only 6 minutes to apply and obtain the’s decided outcome on the application. It can take different times with different banks (may be up to an hour) to have the money available on your account, though Wonga dispatches it almost instantly soon after approval.  You also get to create an online account so that it is much easier to get another fast little loan in the future.
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Thanking me is relatively easy. When asked to enter the cell number of the person who referred you to, please simply enter “084 616 7914” and that will be enough! 
How to "Apply Now >>"
To apply, simple click here or on the image banner on the very top of this page and you will be taken to’s official South African website ( Use the sliders to select how much you want and for how long. You will then see how much how much interest & fees you are to repay (written in green) and the exact repayment date displayed in black and the total amount you are to repay at the displayed date. From there, simply click on the “Apply now >>” button and then follow the on-screen instructions – by filling in the required fields as prompted
...Enjoy the good feeling of being able to clear unforeseen expenses as soon as they arose!
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