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Strange text.

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I just received an SMS from SARS saying "Thanks for your application but I did not make any tax application. And sometimes I receive SMS updates about a strange bank transactions. This is a new number so why?

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Hi. Part of the messages received were intended for the person who on that number before you (as since it is new). Wireless service providers suspend numbers for several reasons - one of the reasons is if a subscriber does not use his/her number for 3 months. When a wireles service is suspended from any subscriber, the number gets re-pooled and given to a new subscriber. The above should explain the bank transactions related text (being that the client has not updated the cellphone notifications details with his/her bank). As for the SARS message, my strongest guese is that somebody with a similar number has just placed a SARS and your number was entered by mistake due to atleast 1 degit entry-error.
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