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There is NO reset menu of ANY kind for ZTE Z750c. ONLY a blank screen after the ZTE screen.

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Tried this bogus "reset" over and over. Not one single time was there ANY screen other than blank. Tried EVERY combination of these "reset steps". How about a REAL fix, without all the deception??

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Hi, The hard reset method for the ZTE Savvy (Z750C) most likely differs from that of the ZTE Midnight Z768G. For directions on how to hard reset the ZTE Savvy, go here
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One problem with all of these hard reset options: They do not work with the Z750C. NO camera button. Only volume up, down, power, and the three touch screen buttons at the bottom. All it does is show the ZTE startup screen, after 5-10 seconds, the screen goes black. Only way to turn it off is to remove the battery.
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My mistake - That (Z750C) is the ZTE Savvy and not Score, try the hard reset procedure here

Also try the procedure here and kindly comment back the results.
Well, a no go on either method. ZTE screen appears for a few seconds, then directly to a black screen. It seems thousands of these phones all do the same thing, work for a week, then self destruct. The Federal Trade Commission is quite interested now. Selling a product known to fail is not legal. Selling them without labeling them as "self destructive" is theft by deception. Also a crime.
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Understood - if you are certain that you have followed the steps precisely but with no expected results, then your device's firmware has most likely gone corrupt (a fairly common issue I would say). This firmware can be easily reload. Go via your retailer for a recommended service center for assistance on it.
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