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Hard reset Mobicel Metro

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It is ending on the exclamation mark when I press volume up or menu it is not continuing

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Hi VIctor, When you get the exclamation mark, shorp-press the Volume Up button and it will display the Android recovery menu. There is a full hard reset tutorial for the Mobicel METRO here

by Genius (33,660,640 points)
I tried short pressing the volume up button and stil it is not showing the reset menu it is stil displaying the triangle
by Guru (1,422,310 points)
Hey Victor, Do have a Mobicel METRO (one with a touch Home button) or Mobicel Metro 6515  (one with a press Home button)? Also try short pressing the Power button instead at the triangle screen.
metro the one with a press home button
by Genius (33,660,640 points)
Ok - The one with a press Home button require that you press the/that Home button at the exclamation mark screen. A full tutorial is available here
Do kindly confirm the complete model number of your Mobicel device taking out the battery and referencing to the sticker there.
help me out.mine is atouch home button ,bt it cant continue from triangle