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How to take Samsung Galaxy Trend apart (disassemble Samsung GT-S7560).

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1. Open the memory card slot and remove it (the SD card)
2. Open the back cover/battery compartment and remove both the battery and SIM card
3. Remove the 8 silver screws visible from the hinder part of the Galaxy Trend
4. Turn the device around so that the screen is facing you.
5. Gently fit in the flat mobile phone screw driver's head between the glassy screen part and the plastic cover/housing - gently prey the plastic housing off the screen assembly.
6. Do this through out the 4 side until the plastic housing comes off.
7. Remove the 1 black screw toward the bottom of the device's main board by the antenna
8. Along the top left of the main board is the power button and it ribbon - gently prey that off the black metal frame.
9. Along the upper side of the device's main board is a ribbon with a connector right above the SIM card slot - gently prey that out/off.
10. Now gently push and slightly giggle the main board from the charging point until it come off the tiny lower left clamp.
11. Now gently and cautiously open the main board as you word with a door - open it in a way that the right side (one with the SIM card slot goes up - a ribbon that links the main board and the screen assembly can then be seen.
12. Gently prey that ribbon's connector out/off
13. All else should be self explanatory at this point - to reassemble, simply follow the tutorial in reverse.
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