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How to load/install an SD card on the Vodafone VF685

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How to mount an SD card on Vodafone VF685
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Uh hmmm I have a 32GB SD card and I did mounted in to my Vodafone vf685 but actually it can't be stored with any media even though shows card inserted but can store no media from downloads instead it goes to internal storage what should I do

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Hey - Sorry for the delay

With the phone turned off,

1. Remove the battey compartment cover.
2. Remove the battery
3. Locate the SD card slot right aboove the SIM slot in the battery bay.
4. Open the metal SD card holder and place the SD card in the bay with the golden contacts on it (the card) facing down and on the side of the SIM slot.
5. Gently close the holder and acertain that it is firm.

You should then be done - replace the removed and turn your Vodafone Smart Kicka back on.
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Should the SD card still not mount, then it may be

1. Password protected
2. Bad and requiring replacement
3. Or it is incompatible