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How do I hard reset my ZTE V795?

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I forgot the pattern lock of my ZTE V795 Skinny and my Gmail credentials are not working for some reason.

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  1. Turn the ZTE v795 off
  2. Press and hold Vol Up + Power Button Until it powers on (may have to short press the Power/Volume Up button to displays the Recovery Menu after getting animation screen)
  3. Scroll down using the Vol Down key and select 'Wipe data/ factory reset' confirm selection using the power button.
  4. Scroll down again and select 'Yes' and confirm with the power button
  5. Scroll and select 'Reboot now' as soon as Data wipe is complete - The device should be reset at reboot.
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Please kindly note that there exist ZTE V795 and ZTE V795L and the reset procedure of the two tend to differ. For the ZTE V795L go here
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excellent ,worked for me wonderful .
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We are glad it worked for you, Tafadzwa.
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How do I resolve 'signature verification failed' when updating rom from SD Card. I am working on ZTE 795 L with rom downloaded from this site.

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