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How do I unlock my ZTE v795 without the Stigma software?

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It is locked by a GSM  company

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Hey Steven - Please do kinldy note that the StigmaKey is intended for network unlock to allow supported GSM mobile devices to work on all GSM networks in cases where it comes locked to one. It this what you mean to achieve? Please do kindly confirm if the above be what you intend to achieve. Otherwise, for directions on unlocking the ZTE V795 in cases where the screen or pattern lock is forgotten, go here
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Yes, it is locked by a GSM company
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Hello Steven. I understand you need assistance with a Network/carrier locked device. Firstly, please do note that reading the internally stored Network unlock code requires a special tool or equipment (which can either be a special USB stick or a box like it is the case with StigmaKey). Volcano Tool Box is another typical toolbox cabable of unlocking ZTE network locked devices. Alternative to using these special tools is to purchase an unlock code from sites like (direct link here ) - these sites generates these code using your particular device's IMEI number using special equipments likewise. It is this need for special tools/equipments that makes free unlocking almost unavailable unfortunately.
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