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Please help me to download Whatsapp on my AG CHROME , please give steps to follow.

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To download whatsapp

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Hey Pat - have you associated any Google account with your AG Chrome device? If not, then create you one as per the directions here as you will not be able to get by without this account. If you have already done so thne:

1. Launch the app called "Play Store"
2. Accept the T & Cs if you are launching it for the first time
3. Tap the search icon (like a microscope)
4. Type "Whatsapp" without the ""
5. Tap it on the results and tap "Install" - tap "Accept"
6. Let it download and install
7. Tap "Open"
Please comment below if  you require any futher assistance on this selfsame issue.

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Yes I have a google/gmail account. But when i try to download it includes a whole lot of subscription services that i do not want to be on the phone
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