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I no longer have boost service  but I need to get the pictures off of the  phone I have it is the  Samsung Galaxy Prevail how can I get my pictures?
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Learn to connect your device to a PC with a USB cable in USB connection modes. By connecting the device to a PC, you can transfer data to and from your device directly via Mass Storage Mode and also get to use the Samsung Kies program.

Connect as a mass storage device
You can access the file directory of the memory card by using the device as a memory card reader.
1. Insert a memory card into the device.
2. Using a USB cable, connect the multifunction jack on your device to a PC.
3. Open the notifications panel and select USB connected → Connect storage to PC → OK.
4. Open the folder to view files.
5. Copy files from the PC to the memory card.
6. When you are finished, select Disconnect storage from PC.
Connect with Samsung Kies
Ensure that Samsung Kies is installed on your PC. You can download the program from the Samsung website (
1. Using a USB cable, connect the multifunction jack on your device to a PC. Samsung Kies will launch automatically. If Samsung Kies does not automatically launch, doubleclick the Samsung Kies icon on your PC.
2. Copy files from the PC to the device. Refer to the Samsung Kies help for more information.
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