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What is MTN's voicemail number

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What number do I dial to listen to my voicemails?

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Hi. To set up voicemail from your phone (just in case)

  1. Simply dial 100 from your cellphone.
  2. And follow the voice prompts to set your PIN and record your desired personal greeting.

And to access your voicemail

Main VoiceMail menu

  1. Dial 100 from your MTN handset or 083 100 from a different carrier phone (the PIN will be required)
  2. Then follow the voice prompts.

And faster ans direct access to your voice mailbox

  1. Dial 111 from your MTN cellphone or 083 111 from a different carrier phone.
  2. Customers can also leave a voicemail without the phone ringing by dialling 08314 (plus last 9 digits of the number)
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