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How to apply for a SASSA loan from Moneyline using a mobile phone

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Apply for a SASSA social grant loan from Moneyline (PTY) LTD from you cellphone. The steps you are to follow are below.
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I want to apply for sassa loan on line, hw do I do it
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How do I apply
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I need a Sassa loan I have the green card, can you help
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I want to apply sassa loan

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N.B The mobile application system was offline when tested lately.  EDITED: Moneyline confirmed that this code (*130*3737*1#) is forever disabled' visiting your local branch is the only option for now.

Follow the fore going steps to apply for a loan.

  1. Simply dial *130*3737*1#
  2. Reply with your ID number and press the call button. (if you get the message: Win your share of 10 million... the see then answer here)
  3. Reply with option 1 for to let Moneyline access your back statement and credit check
  4. Reply with your ATM PIN to continue with the loan application
  5. Enter your total monthly expenses - e.g. 500 (for R500) and press the call button.
  6. At this stage, you will ether be allowed to proceed to choose a loan amount and complete the application or you will receive a message like: Sorry you do not qualify for a loan accordingly to the information you have provided. If you on the other hand ran into the 'Restricted portal' which is evidently a system glitch from Moneyline's end. You will then have to either phone 0801 11 18 80 or visit your nearest SASSA offices (as you can also apply from there).

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