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My tablet recently showed this message, 'Encryption was interrupted and can't complete. As a result, the data on your phone is no longer accessible...........' ... tried several time to do hard reset but it's still not fixed. Please help.
Good day. Where can i buy sinotec s7200. Please give me directions. Waiting to hear from you. Best regards Osvaldo Abel Whatsap: +258843400068
Open answered 2 days ago in Phones & Tablets by Thom Guru
My Vodafone kicka boots up but only to a point. It keeps giving me two error messages. 1. Key test activity has stopped and 2. Launcher 3 failed to start. Like ... boots to a point. I can't access my menu or settings to reset my phone
Open answered 3 days ago in Phones & Tablets by Mikeswiss (Expert)
HELLO, i am trying to flash plus 4 mobile android smart phone . using the nokia x-flasher it quickly finishes showing that it did not flash well, before the ... remote partition does not exist , please help me flash it , what must i do
How do set my SD card as a default on vodacom smart tab 3g
Open answered 4 days ago in ZTE by Thom Guru
Hi can I please get the privacy protection for ZTE maxx imei 865730021347246
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