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Hi.  See the tutorial here for a non-computer based rooting steps. If you have access to a computer and internet, use Kingo Root as per the tutorial here. Other, keep reading. The method below works offThis rooting method have been tested - Tablet USB driver available here if needed (Extract with WinRAR).

  1. Download the MobileGo exe at this link http://mobilego.wondershare.com/. This software is supported by Windows vista,7,8 & 10.
  2. Install the application on your computer
  3. Enable USB debugging on your tablet
  • Go to Setting==>Scroll down to Developer options and turn on "Developer options" notice the switch top right of tab screen.
  • Click USB "debugging" to check it
  • Click "Allow mock locations" to check it

4. Connect your Motion E1.1 to your computer using a USB cable.

5. Open the Wondershare MobileGo from your computer.

6. Click connect and wait'

5. Notice the "One Click Root" on your right hand. and follow the onscreen instructions. Please comment below for further assistance

by (Genius) (19.7m points)
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I have found an alternate method to rooting this tablet. I googled the tablets cpu and how to root it and found an apk ( some chinese one) which had successfully rooted the device, problem was that it had troubles detecting when an application requested root access. So I tried out kingo root ( using the root again option) and root genius and they successfully rooted the device and permanent root access was achieved.
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Can you please give the link of the apk you found. Thanks
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This will be helpfull to other users.
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No problem
I'm sure there are other users out there that need help
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I just rooted my mtn teppa using your method.
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looks like all these unknown brands can rooted with that app. would you mind adding it to this post?
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